Sunday, June 24, 2012

Changing Table/Dresser Finished!

I DID IT! Finally! I finished the changing table/dresser! This is going to make a great addition to someones home. I'm so proud of it! I'll be posting pictures of it tomorrow and posting it on craigslist and on my facebook page! Wont last long!! I'm so excited!!! (Yes, I like exclamation points!!! lol)

On another note...we've been listening to teaching on the spirit of Jezabelle. (sp) It's what our Pastor spoke about today. However, we missed the message today :-( And of course our Pastor posted on fb that it was the best service in the 4yrs he's been there! Uhhhg! We weren't there so of course it was! :-( So...we tuned in to listen to Pastor Ron preach at Redemption (our "parent church") and guess what he spoke guessed it...Jezebelle spirit! Man it was so good. These things that can change our lives SO much NEED to be exposed like that! Anyways, it was great. Cant wait to get a cd of Apostle Joey speaking on it! Ok well, guess I need to go to bed now. Night night!



  1. Well, congrats on TWO accomplishments, Kendra!
    Nice to be connected with another sister. Following you back and looking forward to more posts from you! Love the Christ-centered and prophetic voice you're adding to blogdom!

    1. Revi-
      Thanks so much!! ;-) That's how I felt about your was nice to see a Christ-centered blog! I'm happy to follow you and glad you followed back :-)