Friday, June 29, 2012

Problem Child

Problem really a child...that's what I'm calling my latest project!!! This pain in my neck little blessing has taken up HOURS of my time! And she's STILL not ready! First of all, most of the hours that have been spent have been on painting alllll of the lil details, all of the lil ornamental pieces on it. See here...

 All of those little details were fun to paint, but took forever! And you see how it's upside down? It's sitting on some big cans that are covered with a towel. I got the tip from another blogster to turn it upside down so that it would be easier to do the legs. Ummm yeah, no...the towel didn't stop one of the cans from making a half circle into my primed table-top! And I wont even go into the priming then sanding then priming then resanding it all off and priming again that we had already gone through before this had happened! Lol! So, sanded again! Then painted and it was beautiful, but needed one more coat. Wow, it's amazing how much one last coat can change something...and someone's emotions! Haha! Yeahhh, with every single swish of my brush these little tiny blobs of paint (dried I guess) were getting on the table! And a couple of bristles out of my "Oh nooo, this paint brush will NOT lose bristles" paint brush! after it dried I sanded it...again! Got more paint and started over on the top. The color was slightly off (just a teeniny-tiny-tad-bit lighter) but I knew with the glaze that it wouldn't be noticable at all! So I let it dry, looked great, did some very light sanding and added another layer on. Wow...more lil globs of paint found! But, this time there were very few. I knew I could sand those off and I had a plan! I would add my "flo-mo-jo" to the paint this time and it would all be good! Oh, and I was using my tiny cute lil paint brush...another "Oh there's no way THIS one will lose bristles" paintbrush! Well, I guess I have bad luck with paint brushes because one came out when painting that last coat and about 10 came out while I was washing it! Anyways, I wasn't going to let all of that get me down! I had decided that while I let that last coat dry well over night, I would go ahead and glaze the bottom part...I had been waiting for that's the fun part. It is supposed to be the fun part! UHHHHHG! I slapped it on and went to wipe it off and, yep you guessed it, the paint started coming off! SERIOUSLY!???
See the tiny strips of grey under the turquoise!??!
Ok, now I want to cry! Is it the paint? Is it because it's eggshell and not glossy? Is it the heat?

This is what we have decided (are hoping for)'s this Texas heat and the paint has not hardened (cured) enough! (Should have been using my "flo-mo-jo" the whole time!)
So...we loaded her back into the house to give her some time to get more beauty sleep! I'm REALLY hoping that does the trick! I just can't believe how many hours have been wasted so far! will all be worth it if she turns out like I'm expecting and makes it into someone's beautiful home!

Well, I'm still trying not to let it get me down too much (though I'm starting to have my doubts about all of this). Luckily, my neighbor across the street had put a lil sweetheart of a nightstand out by the road! It felt like a lil wink from God, saying, "It's, work on this one for a while!" ;-) So, that's what I'm going to do. Plus I'm still working on the other piece that I showed you all a sneek peek of the other day! I keep calling it a hutch but it's not a hutch...more like a buffet, or ...well I dunno, but it's not a hutch! Lol. Whatever it is, it's givin' me some headaches too but that is for a whole other blog!! Lol!

So, until then....

-But Moses said to the Lord, "Since I speak with faltering lips, why would Pharaoh listen to me?"
-Exodus 6:30    Maybe we shouldn't question so much how God is going to work through us. Maybe today we shoud just ask Him what He wants us to do or to say.



  1. Wow! Some pieces are just easier than others! Love the color! I am now following you! Good luck with your blog! I have only been blogging since March, but I have loved it so much!

    1. Hey thanks for following!! I tried to follow back but it took me to a blog that didn't have any posts and you said you've been blogging since March so I think maybe it's directing me to the wrong blog?? Maybe? What's your URL or web address? I'll follow you back...just want to make sure I go to the right place ;-) Thanks again!!

  2. Following back!! I hate it when my projects don't turn out right, but hang in there, they can usually be fixed pretty easily, especially the paint ones.

    1. Yeah, just wish I knew what to do about it!! I'm thinking of painting over what I glazed and just selling as it. Sure is a bright turquoise tho! Hope it sells!!