Sunday, June 24, 2012

I found this little piece of moulding with hook at my local GW. I had big plans for this. Looks like it was to hang a dog leash on...the name on the dog bone plate was "Maggie." Sorry Maggie, I see this as something beautiful!!.....

*Still Available for purchase! Msg me!*

Now THAT'S more like it!! :-) I like it much better now! (Ok so in the pic, I have not actually screwed down the hook yet or glued the embellishment down so it looks a lil cattywompus lol, is that a word?)

Still trying to figure out where/how I'm going to sell small items like this. For my big furniture pieces I think I am going to just put on Craigslist. Not sure yet about these small items. Any ideas? Hope you are having a GREAT Sunday!!


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